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  • KZL Series High-speed Grinding Granulator

    KZL Series High-speed Grinding Granulator

    Overview: With reasonably-designed strainer and poles, KZL High-Speed Granulate is capable of smashing big fragile blocks.

  • YK Series Oscillating Granulator

    YK Series Oscillating Granulator

    Overview: YK Oscillating Granulator is to granulate pre-mixed material into required particles or to smash blocks of material into small particles.

  • Dry Granulator

    Dry Granulator

    Overview: The granulator is a new equipment that makes powder to particles directly. The structure is novel and reasonable.

  • ZL Series Rotary Granulator

    ZL Series Rotary Granulator

    Overview: ZL Rotary Granulator is mainly adopted in industries like pharmacy, food, instant granules, chemicals and solid beverage. The pre-mixed materials are produced into demanded particles, and it is especially suitable for the materials having high viscosity.

  • GHL Series High Speed Mixer Granulator

    GHL Series High Speed Mixer Granulator

    Overview: In GHL High Speed Mixer Granulator, powder material and binder are fully blended by mixture at the bottom of the cylindrical container into moist soft material, and then cut into uniform moister particles by the high-speed crusher on one side.

  • FL Series Fluid Bed Drying Granulator

    FL Series Fluid Bed Drying Granulator

    Overview: The working principal of FL Fluidizing DryingGranulating is that material powder particles, under the annular fluidized state in the container (fluidized bed), are preheated and mingled by heated air which has been purified in advance.